Various Features of a Quality Fishfinding Unit

A Fishfinder is a device or instrument which is used in locating fish which is under water by utilizing its sound normally in form of reflected pulses.  As technology has advanced, fishfinders have also come along way from just mere flashers to high tech gadgets which can detect fish clearly.  Fishfinders have a number of features which makes it possible to locate fish under water. They may include the following:

Structure Scan

This is an important feature which is found in fishfinders and it operates at very high frequencies of about 800 kHz.   It is through this feature that the fishfinder will be able to show the image on the screen which may be below the boat or on the sides of any vessel that one may be in while fishing. Because of its high frequency, the feature can only show readings when one is in shallow depths of water. The feature comes separately from the main gadget hence must be plugged into the fishfinder for it to perform its roles.

Down Scan Imaging; this is usually abbreviated as DSI. It forms one of the most important features of a fishfinder. DSI operates in the same manner as the structure scan but it is able to locate only those images from the bottom unlike the structure scan which captures images from the sides and bottom. The feature runs at very high frequencies which therefore allow it to capture clearly only those images from shallow depths of water. The frequency of this feature may be lowered and if this is done then it will be able to scout a wider area as opposed to when using high frequencies. On the other hand while using lower frequencies, you can employ zoom as this will make images clearer and better.

Down Imaging

Some waves that are painted on the screen of the fishfinder may not be very clear. By the use of down imaging, one is allowed to zoom and at the same time scout a larger area which will most definitely increase the catch at the end of the day. It is mostly useful when interested in images below the vessel when one is when fishing.

Side Imaging

This side imaging feature is dedicated to images that are on the sides of the boat or the vessel where the fishfinder is. It increases the clarity of the images as it allows the fishfinder to have a wider scouting area and at the same time allows zooming which brings out images of fish clearer. This feature operates at very high frequencies.

Dual Beam

A Fishfinder is equipped with a dual beam which sends beams down the water.  One of the beams is wide and highly concentrated while the other one runs is in between the wider beam thus allowing for the display of the images.  The image can be separate or melded into one thus making it clearer and better for viewing on the display.

Power Displays (screens); after the capture of the fish images, the output is very important and this is made possible through power displays.  A colored display gives best screen definition hence clarity.