What is a Thru-Hull Sonar?

thru hullFinding fish through modern technology is a groundbreaking step in the sport. Using sonar to help find game fish and schools of bait fish allows anglers to target areas that hold larger amounts of fish.  These items are popularly known as fish finders and are much needed and appreciated by fishermen of all kinds. Among the best choices to choose from, Thru-Hull sonars take the lead. What is a Thru-Hull Sonar? This question will be answered in the following pointers.
Thru-Hull sonars and their origins.
First of all, sonar stands for Sound Navigation and Ranging and its main function is to measure distances. Modern equipment usually has a screen where the fisherman can see what lies below the boat like the bottom, structures, vegetation and of course fish. The electronic equipment was originally created to be used on submarines and nowadays they can be found in a wide array of sizes with a variety features. Since the hull is the lowest part of a ship which is usually partially submerged and below the water line then the Thru-Hull sonar is an electronic fish finder installed in this specific part of a boat or ship. It is also interesting to know that Thru hull means Hole Through Bottom. There are many benefits to be gained from this particular type of electronic devices and most of them will be mentioned next.
Thru-Hull sonars and their many benefits.
After answering the question about What is a Thru-Hull Sonar? It is of the utmost importance to understand the many benefits they provide since they are a popular option among beginners and experts alike. A subset of these benefits will be provided next:
– The device does not pick up riggers and other unusable information thereby allowing the user to focus on what’s really important and saving a considerable amount of time.
– When the boat increases its speed it does not receive air across it. This is critical for certain types of fishing activities and a favorite feature among most knowledgeable users since other types of sonars lose signal over 30 knots.
– They are more sensitive. Besides eliminating unusable noise they are also more precise and this is important in most situations where fish are not abundant.
– By design, these sonars are not affected by frequency shifts in outgoing signal caused by the hull.
– They are recommended as the best by most experts since they are suited not only to most environments, speed and weather but are also suited to be installed on a wide range of boats.

One important point is that to install a thru hull sonar requires a hole in the bottom of the boat.  That being said we recommend a professional installation.  The price to have the sonar installed by a pro is worth it, since safety is a main factor.  The performance of a thru hull compared to a transom mount aren’t comparable, since the thru hull is mounted in a perfect location free of any interference.

Ninety five percent of all fish live in just five percent of the water. By knowing this fact the obvious benefit of answering the question of What is a Thru-Hull Sonar? Has even more meaning. It goes without saying that adjusting and tuning these types of sonars is a real pleasure since they are usually made with the best quality. Since sensitivity is also known as power the user has an exact view of what is going below the boat and this is of course considered as priceless since the more power the device has the more the user will be able to see. By understanding the origins and benefits of these types of sonars a complete answer has been given to the question What is a Thru-Hull Sonar? At the end of the day the most important part is how incredibly useful it is in the pursuit of catching more fish in a smarter way.