Humminbird SmartCast RF25

A best seller among portable fishfinders is the Humminbird Smartcast RF25.  When sitting at the front of a bass boat there isn’t anything quite like having sonar at your fingertips.  In addition to the sonar which shows fish and bottom depth the unit also reads the water temperature as well.

The SmartCast RF25 uses wireless technology, which allows for the installation on the fishing rod.  The range that the wireless works is up to 150 feet, which is way more than needed but nice since the signal strength is very high.  The menu on the unit is very easy to use and lets you dial in sonar settings, set fish alarms, fish ids and depth range.  Another great feature is that the unit is water proof, which when you have a display on a fishing rod is without a doubt necessity.

The transducer is a small float, which works up to 120 of depth.  The sonar is in a single frequency of 125 kHz and does a nice job.  The peak to peak power on the unit isn’t as high as with mounted transducers, which is why the 125 kHz frequency is used.  The battery life on the transducer is good, with 500 hours of in-water usage.  The battery is built in, and changing the battery is not easy and requires soldering.  However there are replacement transducers available model number RF 45, if you aren’t inclined to try replacing the battery which are $30.

Humminbird built the screen to have a nice resolution on the RF 25.  The pixels on the display are 48 Vertical by 32 horizontal.  On the 1.25 inch diagonal display the resolution is high enough to give the info you need to catch fish.  The unit is backlit, so you can use the unit at night.  The transducer also comes with a light, which helps night fishing.

Mounting the display is easy and can be done in just a few minutes.  In terms of ease of use the unit really performs well.

If you decide to try the RF25 out you will be happy you did.  The product is tried and true and liked by an overwhelming majority of reviewers.  In terms of getting a fishfinder that is easy to install and is a great price the RF25 is one of the best fisherman accessories available.