New 2014 Humminbird Products

New Humminbird Products For 2014

Now that spring is getting close, the major fishing electronics manufacturers are introducing upgrades and new models to ready anglers.  While it’s impossible for me to give an honest review of these products considering some lines haven’t been brought to market yet, I would like to give you a preview of what will be available.  Buying a model the first year gives you an advantage because it’s going to have more bells and whistles, but they usually come at a larger price and an unproven product.  That being said, the overall quality of fishfinders has increased over the past 3-5 years, and I would expect a reliable unit from the major players in the industry especially Humminbird.

I just spent a few hours browsing Humminbird’s main website and talking to a few trusted captains sponsored by Humminbird, and I was very impressed with their new products for 2014.  Many anglers and charter captains have switched to larger screen Humminbird units over the past 2 years in the Great Lakes and I expect the trend to continue with quality products and better customer service than Lowrance.

What New Technology Did Humminbird Introduce?

Cross Touch

With the advancement in screen technologies, Humminbird figured that they needed to keep pace and have introduced “Cross-Touch” which is really just a fancy word for touchscreen.  You will now have the convenience of a touch screen to navigate through your display pages and a digital keyboard to name and enter waypoints easier among other things.  Humminbird will keep the regular type-pad for those who prefer it and also for rough weather where the touch screen may become difficult to use.  A very cool feature and this will come standard on their new ONIX and ION series electronics.


Another very cool technology Humminbird has introduced is the SmartStrike Map Cards.  The cards come with a software package by LakeMaster and can help you pinpoint areas based on location you know catch fish or find new areas using the included algorithm.  It can help you find fish by entering lake conditions, time of year, etc. and it will give a few new areas to try.  I will definitely be keeping my eyes on this product.  It is available for their new ONIX and ION series electronics.

What New Models Is Humminbird Introducing in 2014?

Onix Series – The ONIX series is Humminbird’s latest model.  If offers all of their new features in either a 8.4″ screen or 10.4″ screen.  Obviously, the main selling point for the both the new ONIX series is the new and improved display.  In addition to this new display, the ONIX models also use 360 imaging, down imaging, and trifuel (access to multiple chart software).

Ion Series – The ION series of Humminbird electronics is their top tier line and they call it their “blue water” line.  Essentially it is their best and most expensive models that integrate all of the best features Humminbird has to offer.  Once again, the main selling point is the new and improved user display.  The Ion series offers all the same features that their new ONIX has but it also larger and higher resolution screens along with Ethernet based expandable networking and a built in web browser.  The web browser allows you to access the internet, monitor weather conditions, and everything in-between.  The networking expandability allows you to add radar, autopilot, remote cameras, and more if you like even more angling technology seamlessly integrated with your system.