How Does Lowrance Structure Scan Work?

When you’re fishing, you can waste a lot of time looking for perfect fish hiding spots. In order to take all the guesswork out of finding the perfect spot, there is a unit called a ‘fishfinder’ that uses sonar to bounce back images of what is behind and in front of your boat. By using a fishfinder or ‘sounder’ in tandem with typical fishing skills, you can increase your success and bring in more fish with every trip out to the lake or ocean.

Lowrance has created a revolutionary HDS sonar scanning system. A typical sonar module sends a three dimensional signal out frm the boat’s tranducer, but it receives an image that is reported in only two dimensions on the fishfinder display. This way, you can identify potential fish and locations where fish may be hiding. You can use this to see up to 250 feet around the boat, making fishing much more productive as you find areas where fish are more likely to be hiding.
Lowrance has developed a revolutionary add-on to their Lowrance HDS sonar systems that makes typical sonar seem obsolete. It plugs in directly to your Ethernet port and gives you a three dimensinal view of your surroundings, including 480 feet of clear, comprehensive viewing coverage.

Lowrence StructureScan has been designed to give anglers the best view of the water around or under their boat. It’s meant to be as close to photographic as possible, with precise depth and distance displays to take the questions out of sonar. With StructureScan, items underneath and around your boat look just as they should; trees and piles of stones beneath your boat look just as they would normally. That takes the guesswork out of avoiding potential obstacles that could catch your line or your boat, as well as finding potential fish-rich areas.

StructureScan technology also offers DownScan and SideScan Imaging, allowing you to see even below your boat. It prevents you from wasting valuable time looking for fish by showing their forms and shadows on the screen. It also allows you to see the area below your boat in crisp, clear, well-defined images.  TrackBack is another feature that is part of StructureScan. It actively records at all times and saves the recordings directly. This means that you can scroll through past sonar scans to see common fish hiding places or to use them as a guide to find your way back to your starting point. By avoiding areas without fish, you don’t have to waste gas and time finding great fishing spots.
You can use the StructureScan separately, if you would prefer, or you can attach it to your existing Lowrance HDS. That allows you to receive split or full-screen options to get the best view of the water below and around you. By using StructureScan in tandem with TrackBack, DownScan, and SideScan, you can get a truly 360 degree view of the water around your boat, avoiding obstacles and finding the best fishing areas. The StructureScan unit is an incredibly user-friendly unit meant to make fishing easier and more enjoyable for everyone.