Lakemaster GPS Chips

LakemasterGPS technology has advanced over the years and you can now use it for other purposes other than determining positions or marking waypoints. If you enjoy fishing, a handheld GPS will make it easy to navigate through the waters. An advanced device comes with various comprehensive lake maps, which come in handy when you are fishing. It will guide you to the specific lake you want to visit and even identify certain areas that you may be interested in such as a nearby gas station or a restaurant. Once you arrive at the lake, the device will display navigation information, bottom structure, and depth contours. You can save the routes on a removable media card. This makes it easy to share the routes with friends. To make the most out of your handheld GPS, you need a chip that contains all the information you require. Lakemaster GPS chips are considered the most effective in the market.

Detailed Information

Lakemaster GPS chips are available in SD format. You can use these chips on any compatible handheld GPS device including Lowrance and Humminbird. They have cartographic and topographic details of rivers, lakes, and any other water body you would like to fish in within the United States. These chips will give you information about lunar cycles, fish species, when to go fishing and tides. They provide highly accurate and comprehensive maps, which gives you an advantage when fishing.  Some even provide general fishing spots that have been successful in the past.

How to Use

Once you purchase your Lakemaster GPS chips, find the SD slot on your handheld device. Insert the card and power the device. The device is designed to automatically read the details contained on the card. If “Chart Card” appears on the display, it is confirmation that your device is reading the information.

To get a list of lakes in the area, select the chart card using arrow controls on the device. A drop-down menu will appear. Select the “Lake List” option to get a list of all the lakes. Choose the specific lake you want to show on your display. The chips display shallow water levels in light blue. Dark blue marks indicate deep water. These chips use feet as a default measure.

Lakemaster GPS chips have more details compared to other options in the market. They will offer you the contours of the lake you select while other chips may offer little or no information. Contour lines are important when you are out fishing but you need to combine them with depth numbers to make the right decisions. These chips offer both depth numbers and contour lines and this makes it easy for you to interpret the information. One of the unique features in these chips is their ability to identify shallow waters. You can set the device at any depth you prefer. It is also possible to target a particular depth range when you are fishing. These features save you a lot of time and effort. To get the best out of your chip, you need to get a compatible device. The file format on your chip has to match the device you use.