Humminbird 597ci

This Unit Delivers Big Time Capabilities Into a Compact Unit

For this review, I’m looking at the Humminbird 597ci HD DI Fishfinder.  While I used this model quite a few times on a fellow fisherman’s boat, it did not come equipped with the DownImaging feature which is somewhat new, but quite a brilliant technology.  I’ve seen the DownImaging in action while pre-fishing for a salmon tournament out of Grand Haven, MI.  I was lucky enough to be invited for the day and he was sponsored by cannon/humminbird and had all the latest toys and gadgets including a model with downimaging installed.    It basically gives you a much more clear picture of what’s under the water.  Something that may have looked like tree on a regular sonar displays the same image with other fish inside of it.  The fish no longer have anywhere to hide!

How Does The Unit Actually Perform When Fishing?

I advised a good friend of mine to purchase this model when he was upgrading from his old eagle black and white model.  After installing it, we took it out on Lake Michigan offshore and it had no problems marking bait and gamefish in depths of over 200′.  It was also able to mark the bottom at speeds of 35 miles per hour +. which is about all you can expect without installing an expensive thru-hull trandsducer, and who wants to do that?  The Screen itself is high resolution which they state is 640X640 in a 5″ display which is the best available on the market anywhere.  Many sonars and other electronics can be difficult to see during the middle of the day when the sun is shining heavily directly on it or when wearing polarized glasses, but this model passes both of those tests.  The menu navigation is intuitive and provides an easy to use interface, allowing easy adjustments of both the sonar and GPS.

What’s The Quality Of The Transducer?

The first thing that I look at when recommending or purchasing a fish-finder is the quality of the transducer.  A quality transducer has two things in common; it has a lot of power and it shoots down at the correct angle.  The 567ci HD DI has 4000 Watts power output and you’ll have no problem with a lack of power unless you are fishing well over 1000′.  I used a similar model with this exact transducer when fishing Salmon near the Manitou Islands in Michigan and it marked pods of fish 200′ down in over 600′ of water.  The stock transducer for this model is really what separates this from any other model in it’s class.  Not only is it a dual frequency transducer, but as I mentioned earlier it is also equipped with Humminbird’s new technology called DownImaging.  Downimaging is created “with high-frequency sound waves emitted in ultra-thin slices. The sonar returns from these waves produce a “snapshot” of what’s below your boat.”  The downimaging provides images like above, that are extremely well defined and clear.

My Recommendation of the 597ci HD Fishfinder

Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone looking to upgrade from older models who don’t want to spend a fortune in the process.  This unit gives you the premium unit quality in a smaller screen, which makes it much more reasonable for most anglers.  I’ve personally used this product and have seen the DownImaging in action, you will be amazed what you see when you install one properly.