How Do I Install My Fishfinder?

Different anglers have different methods for catching fish and for some, it is their main source of income. Whether you are fishing professionally or simply for recreation, it is essential for you to get a fish finder and also to get it installed on your boat. A fishfinder is a component which helps you in finding the fish easily that is available in the river or the lake where you are fishing. The fish finder can be an a component that you may install in your boat sooner or later as it makes it easy for you to catch fish. It is lucky to have fish finders with binnacle mounted on it along with the transducers that are transom mounted. You can easily install a fish finder by following the steps given below.  I also included this video that I found when mounting some of my own units.  Just remember to take your time and follow the supplied directions as closely as possible.

Installation of Binnacle Mount

Before you start with the job of mounting, you need to find out the location that is best for it to be placed. The fish finder should be placed close to the center that is over helm so that you can get the better viewing angle. The height at which the unit is placed is between the shoulder and waist height. The unit should be away from the electronics box and it should not be hanged down. The helm station should be inspected from underside so that you can make sure that the underneath does not have any kind of obstruction. Once the location is found, you can either user the template associated with the binnacle or the binnacle itself as the template. Drill the holes that are needed for mounting the binnacle. Exit and entry points are required for the wires that are used with the unit. Through the holes insert a bead that is made out of silicon sealant. Secure the bolts to helm and fix the binnacle.

Mounting Transducer

Fix a location for the transducer to be placed on your boat. Mark the location with the marker or pen. The mounting bracket that is used should be in a level. A small drill should be made used for making a starter hole and a larger bit should be made used for creating hole for screws. Wires should be connected from transducer to boat’s inside. The hole that is around wires should be sealed using silicone caulk. The transducer should be attached to boat using and screws that you got along with the fish finder.  Here is helpful guide to installing transducers that I came across while writing this article.

Installation of Fish Finder

The best spot for the installation of fish finder should be found. This location should be sturdy and it should be easily accessible for it’s purpose. Holes should be made for mounting the bracket and then bracket should be attached using screw driver. Fishfinder should be attached to the bracket that is mounted.  Obviously these directions are pretty basic, but it’s best to refer to specific directions provided by the manufacturer.  Look to find a spot where turbulence is at a minimum as this will give you the best results as slow and faster speeds.

Wiring The Fish Finder

12 gauge wire should be made used along with wire connectors for connecting the electrical wire from fish finder either to battery or to the fuse box available in the battery.  If you wire straight to the battery make sure you include an in-line fuse to make sure you protect your unit and to make sure you don’t void any warranties.