History Of Lowrance Fishfinders

lowrance-fishfinder2It was back in 1957 that Lowrance invented the first sonar device for consumers, — The Little Green Box, and it has been leading in marine electronics ever since. Over the years, Lowrance has remained true to its purpose of helping anglers in find and catching more fish by taking its innovative performance to new heights.
Fishfinder For Underwater-Viewing Advantage
From the moment they launched their first recreational sonar back in 1957; Lowrance has made its way to its modern award-winning Broadband Sounder and Downscan Imaging technology.
With their fishfinder, which is also known as recreational sonar or sounder, anglers are provided with the ability to locate and target game fish and open-water baitfish. Sportfishing markets unlike anything seen before were launched as a result of this underwater-viewing advantage. It was because of Lowrance’s fishfinders that understanding bottom composition, depth contours and structure location, as well as the ways in which fish related to the underwater environment became possible for anglers.
It does not matter whether you are interested in a fishfinder/chartplotter combo, a networkable multifunction display or a standalone fishfinder. Lowrance has such a wide range of solutions that you will be able to pick out the best tool for success on the water.
More recently in 2008, the High Definition System Multifunction Display was introduced by Lowrance, which was the first of its kind. An astonishing amount of new features and products have been launched as a result of which marine electronics have been truly redefinied. These include the Broadband Sonar, the StructureScan HD with DownScan and SideScan Imaging picture-like view, Broadband 4G Radar to navigate in all conditions, StructureMap so that map data can be developed, and a wide variety of other mapping products. These electronics are packed with features that anglers from around the world are familiar with and love, yet they are very easy to use. The bar for the finest recreational fishing technology continues to be set by Lowrance marine electronics.
Even though their products have won a number of awards in the industry for innovative excellence, Lowrance continues to emphasize on designing products through which anglers get the most invaluable advantages. Their goal is to help them quickly pinpoint fish-hold covers, including structure and transitions. Whether fishing in coastal saltwater conditions or inland freshwater, unproductive water needs to be quickly eliminated. Lowrance is driven by that same passion as a result of which the most innovative electronics have been provided by them even after all these years.
Enhanced capabilities and features, even after a purchase has been made, are continuously provided by them. Even more invaluable advantages are provided by their software updates, such as real innovations as a result of which anglers are able to make the most of their time on the water.
Lowrance back all of their innovative marine electronics with the finest customer support to ensure further product satisfaction. Their fishfinders and other products are protected by a 1 to 2-year limited warranty and under the Lowrance 5-Year Advantage Program, they can be supported for another 3 years. Lowrance has more than 50 years of experience, so the ultimate high features are provided by their fishfinders and other products at competitive prices.