History of Hummingbird Fishfinders

Humminbird Fishfinders are a giant in the world of fishing and water navigation systems, but it has humble roots. In 1971, in Alabama, a group of local investors partnered and funded Techsonic Industries, which was then known as Fulton Electronics. It worked with Heath kits, and modified them to come up with fish-finding equipment. The work area was quite small and production capacity was limited due to resource shortage. The fish-finding equipment that was sold then was known as the Humminbird Depth Sounders.

In 1975, Fulton Electronics made a depth sounder that was waterproof, a pioneer in its own regard. Every fisherman worth their salt was scrambling to purchase it. To date, it has been one of the best-selling fish-finding equipment. It is at this time that the company came under new management and changed its name to Techsohummin_edited-1nic Industries.

In 1984, the LCR series of displays was introduced. It changed the world of fish-finding since the screens were much clearer. This paved the way for the LCD displays that are in fish-finding equipment nowadays. This technology was used in the LCR4ID Fishfinder, which upon its inception in 1987, became the most popular fishing product in both leisure fishing and industrial fishing purposes.

In the 1990s, all manner of innovations were spread out by the Humminbird brand. One of the most popular inventions was the 3D sonar, which enabled the user to get accurate clear images of the seabed using sonar imaging. This growing success was so great that it caught the attention of many industry giants. One of the companies to notice the potential was Teleflex Incorporated, from Pennsylvania. It joined hands with Techsonic to come up with the Humminbird WIDE range. This was a match made in heaven as the WIDE series of equipment is famed to be the finest product launch in the company’s history.

Also, in 2003, there was the launch of Matrix Fishing Systems. This provided a very high level sonar location programs and chart plotting possibilities. Another thing that revolutionized the market at this stage was the GPS capability. It was very helpful as it threw out the system of using old fashioned compasses. Wherever a fishing boat was, the sailor could navigate their way to the deep waters and back to shore with the greatest of ease.

2004 saw Techsonic Industries become a subsidiary of Johnson Outdoors. Johnson Outdoors is a company that has made a niche for itself in the world of inventions. With its greatness, and the absolute genius that is part of Techsonic Industries, it is bound to take the world of fish location equipment by storm.

If the past achievements are anything to go by, the future of Humminbird Fishfinder is really bright. With its dedicated team of experts working hard to come up with new products, there is the assurance of quality, not forgetting the loyal customers, who keep buying the products. The goal of Humminbird Fishfinder is to be the only choice for fishing, and to supply unique and high quality equipment for fishing activities, be it for commercial purposes or for leisure fishing.