History of Garmin Fish Finders

61jT5xNafOL._SL1000_In order to understand and appreciate the history of Garmin fish finders, we must first take a look at Garmin the company.

Garmin Ltd was founded back in 1989 by Min Kao and Gary Burrell. It is the parent company of several groups of companies. Garmin deals in the production of marine, aviation and consumer technologies associated with Global Positioning Systems. Garmin International, which is a subsidiary company, acts the headquarters of Garmin Ltd. It is located in Olathe, Kansas. The company’s largest operating and production subsidiary company is Garmin Corporation, which is located in Asia.

Over the years, Garmin products have come to be widely known. Nearly everyone who relies on a GPS system has heard of Garmin. They currently provide the best devices that ensure people working in various fields do not get lost and are able to reach their intended destination on time.

For those who regularly go on fishing trips, Garmin fish finders have become a trusted product. In regards to fish finding products, Garmin fish finders are some of the most accurate and straightforward fish finders out there.

Garmin fish finders employ the use of quite a unique system called UltraScroll. This system enables the user to receive top quality readings at very high speeds. According to reports from various fishermen, Garmin fish finders managed to give them accurate readings at speeds of almost 30 knots.

When fishermen are travelling at high speeds on the water, their Garmin fish finders can still be able to give them a clear reading on the bottom structures, which makes these devices ideal for locating fish that could be probably at the bottom.  Another use is finding bait fish in open water, which requires covering alot of ground, being able to cover more water allows you to find more fish.

There are several types of Garmin fish finders, some of the most commonly used and widely known include:

The Garmin Echo 200 fish finder

This particular Garmin fish finder is one of the earlier versions, but that is not to say it is ineffective. On the contrary, it is quite effective. Most fishermen have referred to using this fish finder as having eyes beneath the waters. Its transmission power is 300w of RMS, which is paired with double frequencies of 77 and 200 kHz. With this device, one is able to have a clear view of the water down to 1000 feet in cases when using in fresh water. However, in salty water, the readings can be a little shallow, reaching a depth of maybe 500 feet.

The devices have HD technology that eliminates all guesswork related with the interpretation of complex fish echoes or arches. They use a highly powerful software system that helps to ascertain, which echoes are most probably those of fish. After evaluating this information, the fish finder then displays them on its screen. This particular Garmin fish finder makes a great tool for beginners in the world of fish finding.

The Garmin Echo 550c

This Garmin fish finder has set a very high standard for anglers who would like to improve on their fishing. The device is user friendly, starting from the way it is set up to the way it is operated. Its installation process, put together with the transom mount transducer happens in just several minutes. The mount is designed as a quick release. Even though it is highly advanced, a beginner can still use it. It has an easy to use interface and user friendly menu.

The other brands that came along in between this two are the Garmin Echo 100 and the Garmin Echo 300c.