How does a fish hawk probe work?

fish-hawk-x4A Fish Hawk probe can send data via sonar signal, and is a highly effective wireless system. Any cable can be used with the system, and the product has attracted thousands of anglers, and is becoming increasingly popular. But how does a Fish Hawk probe work? Here is a how-to-guide about Fish Hawk products.

What is the Fish Hawk probe?

Fish Hawk have produced a number of probes, include the X4 and the X4 + Depth. The Fish Hawk probe needs to be installed as a transducer on your boat, which helps the probe to function. The transducer is the piece of equipment which receives the solar signal which is sent by the probe. The probe is battery operated but can last for around 100 continuous hours on four AA-sized batteries. Depending on the amount of fishing you do, you could survive the entire season with only one set of batteries, making the Fish Hawk probe a highly durable and long lasting product. You will never have to replace the battery in the Fish Hawk TD, as it relies on a lithium battery in its internal structure, which has a shelf life of twenty years. This also increases the probe’s durability when it used under water. The TD also stores depth data and temperature data which can be viewed later on the inbuilt LCD screen once retrieved from the water.

Are Fish Hawk products easy to use?

Fish Hawk have provided products which are extremely durable and can be dropped in the water at a fast speed and still produce highly reliable and in-depth readings. The TD for instance takes a reading at a rate of nearly twenty times per second and presents all temperature data in a concise and easy-to-read manner. It can be hooked to a rod which can weigh up to 12 ounces and then can be free spooled to the bottom of the water. Fish Hawk products have a highly accurate sensor inbuilt with provides highly reliable readings. In addition, your depth finder will not interfere with this piece of equipment, as they run at an approximate 200 KHz, meaning the fish hawk probe will not pick up on any interference, even in the transducers are installed side by side. If you are in possession of a dual beam type of transducer, you can mount the Fish Hawk X4 as far as you can from it as is practical, and the products work on all type of boats, no matter their shape, size or material.

Where can I purchase products made by Fish Hawk?

There are several retail outlets which stock these type of products. All products are designed and manufactured in the United States, and are easy to assemble, as well as being highly effective, reliable and durable. Items can also be shipped across the country or even further afield. The Fish Hawk X4 probe can be used in water as deep as 300 feet, even though the gain setting may have to be increased slightly to get an accurate reading at over 200 feet deep. It has even be noted that the product has made readings in waters over 400 feet deep. The Fish Hawk TD can read up to around 300 feet deep in water.