Lowrance Elite-5x

The Elite-5x is a solid unit that does one thing exceptionally well, which is use sonar to find fish.  The addition of color to a unit in the price range of $350 is a great deal and gives the everyday fisherman who doesn’t need a GPS a great option.

Screen and Display Quality

The screen is high resolution and gives great images of the sonar.  The resolution is 480 x 480 SolarMax Plus, which provides enough pixels for a nice image.  Other fishfinders in the Lowrance 400 series use the same high resolution display.  The color is 256- color TFT, and will perform well in any light condition.  Even in the most difficult of lighting the unit excels, whether it be mid day sun with polarized glasses or low light night fishing.  The pairing of performance and price is what sets the Elite-5x apart in the 5 inch display market.    


The standard sonar transducer that comes with the Elite-5x 5-inch uses dual frequencies of 83 kHz and 200kHz.  The choice of 83 kHz instead of the deepwater 50 kHz makes the Elite-5x perform really well in up to 1,500 feet of depth.  There is a built in temperate sensor on the transducer too, and an optional speed sensor as well.  A nice addition to the unit is the track back feature, which allows you to scroll through previous pages of sonar.

User Interface

One of the best features on the fishfinder are the menus which are user friendly and easy to use.  There are adjustments for the sonar image, which allows you to dial in the sonar image.  Zooming in is easy, and requires just a single push of the button.  Even using the track back feature is easy to use, and lets you look at previous sonar images for closer examination by allowing you to zoom in on old images.  All the features, adjustments and menus are very intuitive, which gives a great user experience.


The Elite-5x is a great unit and serves the fisherman who needs high quality sonar very well.  Add in the 5 year advantage service and one year warranty to the product and you have a fully supported fishfinder.  The unit is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about a little water, so even though the unit comes with a nice service plan you probably won’t even need it.  Overall the Elite 5-x provides a great product and really does a nice job finding fish!