Garmin Echo 300c

The Garmin echo 300c is a favorite fishfinder among fishermen on a budget.  The 300c delivers big time in terms of screen quality and color, transducer quality and overall user interface.  It is easy to see why the 300c is a favorite for fisherman who want great sonar images at a cost an everyday fisherman can afford.

Screen and Display Quality

The screen on the Garmin echo 300c Dual-Beam Fishfinder is a high quality and high resolution display.  To achieve the high resolution Garmin used 240 by 320 pixels, which on the 300c screen size provides a nice crisp clear picture.  The display size is 3.5 inches diagonal and measure 2.1 inches wide and 2.8 inches tall.  The color is provided by a GVGA 256 display and can be adjusted for any light conditions and performs well regardless of high or low lighting.


To provide the sonar Garmin chose their transducer which has a shallow water frequency of 200 kHz and deep water frequency of 77 kHz.  With the 77 kHz frequency the unit works up to 1,500 feet in fresh water and 600 feet in salt water.  The cone angle is either 60 degrees or 120 degrees when using dual beam.  The peak to peak power is 2,400 watts and which is plenty strong for the unit, and helps penetrate deep water when using the 77 kHz frequency.  A great feature with the echo 300c Dual-Beam is that the unit comes with two transducer mounting brackets.  The standard mount is for the transom, Garmin also includes a trolling motor clamp about a 20 dollar value with the unit.  I really like having the option of the trolling motor clamp come with the unit.  For personal use the trolling motor mount lets you use the fishfinder in shallow water without having to worry about the unit accidentally getting damaged.  I personally fish on swift rivers that have gravel bars that require the boat to be on plane to get through channels.  For me a transom mount isn’t an option, but the trolling motor can be lowered and raised when in shallow or deep water.

User Interface

A great feature of the Echo 300c is that the overall layout is really user friendly.  There are only 5 buttons, so learning the unit isn’t too hard compared to some of the top of the line units on the market.  The sonar images are able to be adjusted, and doing so only requires a couple presses of the buttons.  The unit really does a nice job of adjusting sonar noise, which can be the difference between seeing a fish on screen versus getting a blurred sonar image.


There is a reason that the Garmin Echo 300c is a favorite amount fishermen.  The price for what you get, a product with great sonar images along with the multiple mounting brackets can’t be beat.  If you are looking for an entry level fishfinder that will give great images the Echo 300c definitely delivers in terms of quality of product and most importantly for the fisherman on a budget in terms of value.