Garmin Echo 200

Garmins Echo fishfinder line specializes in providing great sonar pictures at great prices.  The Echo 200 is Garmins largest grey scaled fishfinder that they offer.  In addition to a nice screen size the unit also has good resolution and a solid user interface that lets you spend less time trying to get the fishfinder set and more time fishing.  Add in the price for an echo 200 and it is easy to see why fishermen have made this product a top seller.

Screen and Display Quality

The echo 200 has a 5 inch screen, which is great for a $150 fishfinder.  Not only does the fishfinder have a nice screen size, the resolution of 320 by 480 provides a great sonar image on screen.  The greyscale is adjustable and allow up to 16 levels of adjustment.  By having so many gray scale adjustments the screen can be read in almost any light and performs well in both high and low light conditions.  The display is waterproof and made with high quality materials assuring you that if you decide to purchase an Echo 200 the unit will have a long life.


The sonar on the unit is the same used for models in the Echo line and performs well.  The frequencies that the Garmin transducer runs at is 200 kHz for shallow water and 77 kHz for deep water.  The deep water frequency works up to 1,500 feet down in fresh water and 600 feet in salt.  The dual beam feature allows you to use both frequencies at the same time and provides a 120 degree cone angle, which sends a signal through a larger portion of the water column.  The peak to peak power of 2,400 provides enough juice for difficult situations like when in wavy or high current conditions and for penetrating thermoclines.  The auto gain feature also is really helpful because it adjusts the sonar images minimizing clutter and maximizing sonar targets.

User Interface

Garmin prides itself on creating an experience that is very user friendly.  The intuitive layout and controls for the Echo 200 make using the fishfinder a real treat.  The quick release bracket that comes with the echo series fishfinders 200 allows fishermen to take the unit on and off the boat in just a couple of seconds.  To adjust the sonar image only takes a push on the menu button and then a couple of pushes allows you to dial in the settings to give a crystal clear image.  A really cool feature also is the smooth scaling technology, which allows you to look back at your sonar history.  The feature also doesn’t reset the sonar when the zoom is changed, which most units do.  So depth changes won’t erase your fishfinders sonar history.


The Echo 200 like the other Garmin products in the Echo line provides fishermen on a budget a great option.  The display and screen is high quality and is meant to last.  In addition Garmin used a tried and true transducer, which gives great looking images.  Overall the Echo 200 is a great option and for the price of a little under $150 the unit is hard to beat!