Garmin Echo 100

Garmins Echo 100 fishfinder is about as tried and true as they come in the fishfinder marketplace.  The Echo 100 is Garmins entry level unit, providing great sonar images at an incredible price.  Garmin provided fishermen with a product that displays sonar images and gives all the necessary details needed for a day at the lake.  When pared with an unbeatable price of around 80 dollars, its easy to see why so many fishermen have chosen the Echo 100.

Screen and Display Quality

The screen on the Echo 100 fishfinder is a 4″ diagonal display, which provides nice sonar images.  The resolution on the unit is 160 by 256, which gives a good picture.  When compared to the other models in the Echo line the picture isn’t as clear.  When you consider the price on the unit which is around $80 you really can’t argue with the display resolution.  The Echo 200 and 300 offer better display quality, the Echo 200 is a 5 inch grey scale model and Echo 300 is a color unit with a better picture.  These units are priced at around $150 and $200 respectively and offer a  few more features.  For the price however the Echo 100 comes up big in terms of value since you get most the higher end features for just a small portion of the price.  The grey scale on the Echo 100 is 8 levels and allows for adjustment for most light conditions.  Also the display is waterproof.


The sonar on the Echo 100 is a singe beam 200 kHz frequency transducer.  As above the next step up the Echo 150 has the dual frequency transducer, which is a nice option to have when in deeper water.  Garmins Echo 100 works in water up to 600 feet deep in fresh water and 300 feet in salt water.  So in most instances the fishfinder will provide nice sonar images.  The transmitting power of 100 W RMS and 800 W peak to peak does well with the 200 kHz transducer.  When the 77 kHz transducer on other Echo models is used the units require a bit more power in order to reach a greater depth.  Features that are included with the Echo 100 are the Ultra scroll, which lets you use the fishfinder at higher boat speeds and the Auto Gain Technology.  The auto gain technology is nice because it auto adjusts the sonar images and gets rid of clutter and maximizes potential targets.  The transducer has a 60 degree width which creates a sonar image of a large portion of the water column.

User Interface

Garmin tries to make all of their products as user friendly as possible.  To do so they make the menus easy to read and navigate.  There are 5 buttons on the unit including the power, so all of the adjustments are done through the menu button and then using the scroll buttons and enter to select the desired option.  Adjusting the gain, which increases and decreases sonar noise is easy and quick to do.


The Garmin Echo 100 is really a great value and gives fishermen the chance to have a nice fishfinder onboard for a great price around $80.  Although some of the features of the other Echo line are not included with the 100, the main features are part of the Echo 100 package.  There are countless positive reviews on the unit, and for good reason when the value and quality are taken into account the Echo 100 is a great fishfinder.