Dot Matrix Sonar for Ice Fishing

The Dot Matrix Sonar Fish Finder has a thermometer and an alarm and it is specially designed for fishing enthusiasts and fishermen. It is also designed to search the location of fish, bottom contour and depth of water. Unlike other traditional fish finders, the professional Dot matrix sonar fish finder is equipped with an adjustable dot matrix LCD screen that can easily detect and zoom at specific depth of fish. Moreover, the device has other advanced features including; an adjustable sonar sensitivity setting, water temperature measurement, depth alarm and audible fish. The amazing device can be effectively used in rivers, lakes, ocean and icy water. It can also be used for ice fishing. The sonar feature is capable of detecting a school of fish in any given area. Moreover, it can be mounted in various ways including; boat hull, poles, floats and ice pieces.

Sonar Technology

dot matrixThe Dot matrix sonar fish finder features sonar technology that is usually based on sound propagation in order to define and locate structure, composition and bottom contour by using the transducer. The time interval between the transmission of a single sound wave signal emitted by the transducer and reception of the specific object is also measured. This in turn helps to determine the distance of the object. The sonar fish finder also uses the received signal to interpret the size, composition and location of the detected object.  The sonar is also used for ice fishing.

The Dot matrix sonar fish finder has various features including; a large adjustable matrix LCD screen that has a LED back light, adjustable sonar sensitivity settings, determines the depth and location of fish, used on both salt and fresh water, used as a depth sounder and fish finder, displays water temperature, displays bottom contour in the sea, resists grass interference when used in the lake and zooms at a specified depth. The device also has other minor features including; a clear fish icon, battery strength indicator, selectable between feet and meter readings, sonar for ice fishing, removable float, 200 kHz sonar type frequency and a water resistant design. The The Dot matrix sonar fish finder can be mounted using various methods including; fixing it to the boat hull, using the float located on the cable to mount the sonar in the water, fixing it on a firm pole and pushing it to a desirable position in the water and cutting a hole on the surface of the ice and placing the sonar under water.

The Dot matrix sonar fish finder has various specifications including; an FSTN LCD display size of 128 x 64 Dot Matrix, round transducer sensor that has a 7.5 meter cable and a 45 degree beam angle, -20 �C to 70 �C operating temperature, 4.92′ x 2.91′ x 1.18′ inch size and 160 g item weight without including the sensor and batteries. The device has a single set that includes; 1 x Round Sonar Sensor for ice fishing, 1 x Professional Fish Finder, 1 x Stainless Bolt1 x Neck Strap, sonar for ice fishing, 1 x instruction manual1 x Stainless Wing Nut and Color retail box package.

In terms of price and effectiveness the dot matrix delivers on both, regardless of where you are using the sonar.