Humminbird 597ci

This Unit Delivers Big Time Capabilities Into a Compact Unit

For this review, I’m looking at the Humminbird 597ci HD DI Fishfinder.  While I used this model quite a few times on a fellow fisherman’s boat, it did not come equipped with the DownImaging feature which is somewhat new, but quite a brilliant technology.  I’ve seen the DownImaging in action while pre-fishing for a salmon tournament out of Grand Haven, MI.  I was lucky enough to be invited for the day and he was sponsored by cannon/humminbird and had all the latest toys and gadgets including a model with downimaging installed.    It basically gives you a much more clear picture of what’s under the water.  Something that may have looked like tree on a regular sonar displays the same image with other fish inside of it.  The fish no longer have anywhere to hide! Continue reading “Humminbird 597ci”

Humminbird 798ci

Screen and Display Quality

The screen on the 798ci is one of the best in the 5″ display market.  The key to the display is the use of 640 x 640 pixels.  By using that many pixels the fishfinder has exceptional brightness, clarity and color.  One of the advantages of such a clear resolution is that when zoomed in maps and sonar images are very sharp.  Another nice screen feature is the ability to view sonar images and maps at the same time.  One of my favorite uses of that ability is to use lake maps and the GPS to get into my fishing spot and using the side view sonar at the same time to find my favorite structure on the bottom.

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