Benefits of a Portable Fishfinder

There is no doubt that fishing is one of the most liked sports and hobbies all across the globe. Due to its popularity the equipment that is used to help while fishing has become more technologically advanced. For instance, fish rods that are currently used are more advanced than those that were use in the past.  A portable fish finder is among the best technological developments that has really revolutionized the fishing industry.  Since now sonar can easily be used in a variety of different situations such as ice fishing, kayak fishing and other situations that requires the versatility of a portable fishfinder.

A portable fish finder is actually a simple tracking device that is used by both amateur and professional fishers to locate and find schools of fish. A portable device can be installed in any type of boat easily and also be disengaged when fishing expedition has been completed. It is sometimes referred to as fishing GPS, when equipped with a GPS antenna and software.  The main aim is to provide data and information, which helps fishermen catch more. Fish finders compose 3 main component systems. They include: a viewing screen, a transducer and GPS systems. All these three system work together to ensure that the fisherman gets actually what he/she wants.

Benefits of a portable fishfinder.

1. Location.

140c fishin buddyAs the name suggest, it is actually a device that is portable and that means that it can be taken with you and used in many different locations. Whether you are just enjoying your regular weekend or you are on your holiday or you are fishing from a location that is land based or fishing from a boat or any other type of water craft, you can use the same fishfinder unit and move between situation with ease. A portable fishfinder is the perfect device to own, personally we use a Humminbird fishinbuddy 140c on our test boat.


2. Flexibility.

Portable fish finder has a transducer that is portable. The function of a transducer is to broadcast the signals that can enable you to locate the school of fish. A transducer also provides coordinates to assist you in moving to the right location. When you find yourself in a location where fishing is difficult having the added information can mean the difference between a successful trip and failure.  Another part of the flexibility is that they can be removed easily.  What that allows is that in situations that would break a regular transducer like shallow water, you can simply take the fishfinder off and not have to worry about ruining your equipment.

3. Ice Fishing.

We are from Michigan, so our ice season usually is from the end of December or beginning of January to the middle of March.  I personally don’t try and push the envelope regarding safety, so some people have a bit longer ice season than I do.  One of the best accessories to have ice fishing is a portable fish finder.  When you ice fish you need to find the fish, which requires alot of holes and searching.  A portable fishfinder can tell you instantly if there is anything down there and how deep you are.  Some units are equipped with side finders, which allow you to take a sonar image to the side of the hole.   What that does is gives a hint how are and in what direction to drill a test hole.  Without a fishfinder the only way to tell if there are fish it to drop a line and try and catch one.  Obviously using a fishfinder versus testing the old fashioned way is much better and catches more fish.
All the major brands offer an ice fishing portable fish finders and its a must have for a serious fisherman.