Advantages of a Black/White (Gray-Scale) Fishfinder

Fishfinders are used to find and catch fish, and is essential in locating fish beneath the surface of the water.  This tool gives the fisherman the resources to check out the depth,structure,fish locations,speed and also temperature.  The display can be colored or black and uses sonar signals. These locate and report the visual images of both moving and still objects beneath the water surface.  A transducer will convert electronic impulses from the fishfinder to sound waves.  These then travel down through the water.  The sound waves will bounce off the bottom or a fish and the returning echo will be picked up by the transducer, which in turn converts it to electrical impulses.  These impulses are the ones that are sent to the fishfinder where they are converted into a picture or a symbol.

We often get asked……Are color fishfinders are really that necessary?  We think so, but don’t just take our work for it.  I did a little research and found a nice topic at a forum that I frequently visit.  Additionally, here is a list of the advantages of black/white fishfinders:

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  • The fishfinder uses modern GPS technology and can charter the location of the boat as it moves on the water.
  • They have an easy to read screen and have the ability to locate fish in all water terrains.
  • Can be used in different weathers like in the rain,in the snow, in ice fishing,on the lakes and rivers.
  • Some of the black and white fishfinders have a noise reduction feature that captures images of fast moving prey.
  • The capabilities are able to point out the exact location of fish by using a temperature gauge especially if it is the spawning time.They have track back capabilities which are inbuilt and can be used to review the movements a boat has made.
  • The fishfinder has a speedometer that can inform you of the speed of the boat.This is necessary information because driving too fast can scare the fish away.
  • The black and white fishfinders are cheaper than the rest.
  • Fishfinders are available in different powers depending on the depth of the waters .If the waters are deep like salt water,a fishfinder with a high peak-to-peak watt can be used.
  • The black and white fishfinders have an option of the amount of pixels depending on the display quality required.In case you want fishfinders that have a better image, then you will have the choice to choose one with a higher pixel.
  • They have a side scan which has the ability to scan the left and right sides of your boat so that you are able to find fish.This increases your knowledge of the surroundings and in turn shows you where there is more fish.
  • The fishfinder can be used to fish as a port,pleasure or commercially.
  • The fishfinders have the ability to tell the difference between the bottom of a body of water and a large rock depending on the strength of the reflected signal.
  • The black and white fishfinder has a number of useful features among them depth alarms,fish alarms,zoom,there is a contrast enhanced clear edge grayscale display.
  • Affords a nice contrast which is easily seen in bright sunlight.
  • The screens are user friendly with easy to read icons .