Humminbird 998c HD SI

The new 998c HD SI from the Humminbird 900 series is one of the best fishfinders on the market.  For years Humminbird had a bad name in the industry, but when Cannon downriggers took over control they have quickly made a resurgance to one of the top brands in the industry.  Many of my old fishing friends liked to call them chumminbirds simply because the sonar was weak and there seemed to be alot of interference making the sonar essentially useless.  Charter captains all across the great lakes are now finding that these upgraded finders can provide a distinct competitive advantage over many other competitors.    The screen has a high resolution and is a much wider screen than most other models giving great sonar and GPS images.  You will have no problem reading the screen from nearly anywhere on the boat and it provided more detail for the captain sitting right next to it.  The GPS plotter function is completely functional and compares well with other popular units such as Garmin.  This unit also has a newer capability which they call 3-d charts mode, it really a fascinating new technology that gives boaters a much better view of the bottom.  With inclusion of all the bells and whistles such as side imaging, downimaging, and DualBeam, Humminbird created the class of market.


The sonar on the unit has multiple frequencies to use in either dualbeam, downimaging, or sideimaging sonar modes.  The frequency of the DualBeam Plus is 200 kHz and 83 kHz, which works well up to 1,500 feet of water.  If you encounter depths greater than 1,500 feet the optional 200 kHz and 5o kHz frequency transducer is available and works up to 3,000 feet of water.  These units also took in mind the older transducers and made them interchangeable which is always nice if you’re just looking to upgrade the size of your screen without buying a whole new transducer.  The side and down imaging use the same signal lengths, which are 455 kHz and 800 kHz.  The 800 kHz sonar imaging for the side imaging is quite amazing on the large high def screen.  I will include below videos explaining the sonar modes, if you haven’t checked out what Humminbird fishfinders are capable these days I strongly recommend watching them.  The big difference between lower model units and the 998c HD SI Combo is the power output.  The power output is the strength of the signal, and with 8,000 watts peak to peak and 1,000 RMS the unit boasts one of the strongest signals on the market.

Screen and Display Quality

The 998c HD SI features a great screen with a 8.0 inch diagonal size.  The high resolution allows for in depth analysis of side and down imaging sonar pictures by zooming in without loosing resolution and clarity.  The pixels that Humminbird used are 480 vertical by 800 horizontal.  The result of the ratio is a wide screen, which works really well in dual or tri screen modes.  The color is provided by the 16:9 TFT and allows you to switch setting until you find the perfect fit for the conditions.   The screen holds up well in all types of lighting so don’t worry about any problems such as glare, or not being able to see the screen wearing polarized glasses.  The display is best flush mounted, for some reason to me a having a couple of these flush mounted in dash is hard to beam cosmetically.

GPS Plotter

The antenna for the GPS on the 998c HD SI combo is built in and offers precise location.  The unit also has a built in cartography made by Humminbird.  The compatible Navionics and LakeMaster maps take the GPS/Plotter to another level.  The platinum Navionics map pack allows for 3-d charts so you can see everything in 3-d both below and above the water line.  When fishing thats a great feature for fishing structure such as drop offs.


Humminbird created the class of the 8 inch display market with the 998c HD SI Combo.  The display shines with all of the features that are available on the unit, side imaging with 800 kHz provides some of the best sonar images available to fishermen.  The ultimate addition is the 360 sonar option which provides an image all the way around the boat.  If you decide to try the 998c HD SI you will not be disappointed, the fishfinder is a proven favorite among fishermen.