Humminbird 898c

The Humminbird 898c HD SI Combo is top of the line in the 800 series fishfinder line.  The unit boasts Humminbirds SideImaging technology, which are immaculate on the 7 inch high def screen.  The 898c HD SI is a proven top performer, which is why so many fisherman have upgraded.

Screen and Display Quality

The 7 inch screen on the 898c HD SI provides great sonar and GPS images.  With a resolution of 480 by 800 pixels, all of the features such as side imaging, GPS maps, and weather sense all are crystal clear.  In addition to the outstanding resolution, the 16:9 color is the same as a high def television.  When using the GPS and Fishfinder in dual screen modes, the screen is large enough to use both modes without feeling that you are missing out on the small details.  When using the 898c HD in a split screen mode while side imaging, you can set waypoints of bottom structure on the GPS.  When you come back to these honey holes that are already input the GPS will alert you when you enter into casting range.


The GPS is external on the 898c HD, when shopping Humminbird products the model CI indicates an integrated GPS.  The external GPS on the 898C has some advantages, such as some situation require an external GPS due to electrical current which can interrupt GPS signals.  The unit has two SD card slots, which allow multiple map packs to be loaded.  Compatible map packs are Humminbird Contour XD, Navionics and LakeMaster.  With these map packs you can enter the 3-d chart view, which gives both the above and below water contours.  The CannonLink, which is an option for the 898C lets you have precise control over downrigger depth by setting downrigger depth in relation to the lake bottom.  The I-pilot link is the autopilot feature, which lets the fishfinder use the trolling motor to follow set courses allowing the fishfinder to drive while you make the perfect cast!


One of the best inventions for fishing is the 360 degree sonar that humminbird offers.  The price tag of around 2,000 is steep, but none the less allows a 360 image of the bottom of the boat.  The side imaging which is standard on the 898C allows for 180 degree imaging, the reason there are only 180 degrees is that the transducer is transom mounted whereas the 360 imaging is lowered below the boat allowing sonar penetration forward of the transom.  The side imaging sonar is in two different signal strengths 455 kHz and 800 kHz, which can operate at a maximum of 150 feet.  The Dual beam sonar that comes with the unit is 200 kHz by 83 kHz, which does well in situations that are not in extreme depth.  If you need to go deep, 1,500 feet is the maximum.  To get the best results in deep water the optional 200 kHz and 50 kHz transducer works in up to 3,000 feet of water.  The switchfire feature allows for precise adjustment of the sonar images.  Options using switchfire include multiple color sonar screens and controlling the feedback from the sonar.


The 898C combines many great features such as the side imaging into a 7 inch fishfinder.  If you decide to give the 898C a try spend some time reading the manual and experimenting, because there are tons of features and options.  If you decide to upgrade to the 898c HD SI you will be purchasing one of the best fishfinders on the entire market.