Humminbird 598ci

The new Humminbird 598ci HD SI Combo Fishfinder, is one of the best equipped and performing fishfinders in the 5 inch class.  The 598ci incorporates many of the features that had been mostly exclusive to the 700, 800, 900, and 1100 series fishfinders in the past.  By packing all these features into a unit that retails around $800, Humminbird has put high end options within reach of the everyday fishermen.

Screen and Display Quality

The screen on the 598ci HD SI Combo is 5 inchs diagonal.  To give crisp images whether in down imaging, side imaging or GPS modes, Humminbird uses 640 vertical and 640 horizontal pixels.  The result of creating a product with such high resolution is that when viewing side imaging, the pictures really pop and show great detail.  The color on the unit is 256 TFT, which provides the necessary brightness for the most demanding situations like when wearing polarized glasses or when viewing in direct sunlight.  The 598ci uses the same resolution and screen size as the 597ci HD DI, which we have had great luck with when salmon fishing the Manitou Islands in northern Lake Michigan.  The unit is able to be either flush mounted or has a tilt and swivel quick disconnect mounting system that comes with the fishfinder.  Overall the display receives top grades, thanks to the high resolution and 256 TFT color.


The GPS on the 598ci HD SI has an internal antenna.  In addition to the built in GPS, there is also a built in map pack by Humminbird.  The built in maps work well, the unit is also compatible with Navionics Plantinum, Gold and Hot Maps and the LakeMaster Maps, which cover about any body of water you could possibly want.  When available there is also a 3-d chart view, which gives a first person perspective of both above and below water topography.  The 598ci isn’t able to use the i-pilot feature, which allows for fishfinder and trolling motor integration, which is available on the 700 and higher series.  Although having option to connect to the i-pilot, I really feel like with a 5 inch fishfinder those options aren’t necessary.  On a screen that size the GPS and the sonar features work really well, giving great pictures and performance.  The model that is on a friends Montauk Boston Whaler is mounted on the dash and covers the GPS and Sonar needs.


The sonar on the 598ci has many of the top of the line options that come with the 700 series and up fishfinders by Humminbird.  The features included are very impressive and currently the 598ci is the only fishfinder in the 5 inch display market that can boast them.  The addition of built in sideimaging on the 598ci is a huge step for Humminbird.  The Down imaging, available in other 500 series models is also a great feature and allows for enhanced sonar pictures, which have more definition and gives a great sonar picture.  The sonar frequency for the down and side imaging transducer are 455 kHz, which works in depths up to 100 feet.  The 598ci doesn’t use the 800 kHz signal which is used in the 700 and up fishfinder series.  The results are images that are not quite as sharp and detailed.  However the sonar images do extremely well.  The Dualbeam transducer has a frequency of 200 kHz and 83 kHz, works in water up to 1,500 feet.  There is an optional deep water transducer which will work in water up to 3,000 feet deep.


Humminbird has introduced a great fishfinder to the 5 inch fishfinder gps combo market.  The addition of sideimaging to the 598ci HD allows fishermen access to new technology, which is really impressive and quite simply helps catch fish.  Between the side imaging, GPS functions, and other sonar capabilities the 598ci HD SI is sure to be a fishermans favorite!