Humminbird 596c HD DI

Humminbirds 596c HD DI is a great product that gives fisherman a chance at owning a unit that will provide high def pictures with downimaging at a great price.  The display is 5 inches and provides nice looking sonar images, especially in downimaging mode.  The unit doesn’t come with GPS features, which are available on the 597 product line.  The 596c HD DI does its one intended purpose really well which is using sonar to find fish!

DownImaging Sonar

The 596c HD DI boasts Humminbirds downimaging sonar feature which is really impressive and new to the market.  By using higher frequency sonar signals of 200 kHz and 455 kHz, you get a great picture of what is going on underneath of the boat.  Although the downimaging isn’t quite the sideimaging available on higher end models, it really makes a huge difference compared to the normal 200 kHz, 80 kHz or 50 kHz signals.  The result is a more detailed picture, so what would have looked like a tree on a normal sonar shows branches and fish holding to structure!!

Dual-Beam Plus

The dual beam plus is the normal sonar fishfinder setting, which displays less detailed images but works in deeper water.  Unlike some other models the dual-beam on the 596c HD  DI has a higher frequency.  The unit uses 200 kHz and 455 kHz signals, instead of the 80 kHz or 50 kHz.  The result is that the unit does really well in water less than 300 feet.  If you fish in water more than 300 feet, there are deep water and bay units available in the 596 product line.  The pictures with the 455 kHz is nice and clear and in shallower water outperforms other units that have lower frequency dual beam transducers.  The addition of switchfire to the dual-beam plus really helps, since you can adjust the settings for radar noise, and allows for operation in tough situations like temp brakes, current, and high waves.  Below is a video on the downimaging system on the 596c, if you haven’t seen the downimaging in action before you will be impressed with the picture quality.

Screen and Display Quality

The screen and dispay on the 596c HD DI is mounted with the Humminbird quick disconnect, which as the name implies makes removing the headset quick and easy.  The screen is 5 inches, and has 640 vertical by 640 horizontal pixels.  The result is a high resolution display, that gives crisp clear images especially in the DowmImaging mode.  The color on the 596c is 256 color TFT, which provides setting for any type of light condition.

User Interface

The user interface on the 596c is easy and all the options are available with just a few presses of the button.  Getting into the switchfire command pane is simple.  I will attach a video below that goes over the switchfire system and is worth checking out.


When designing the 596c HD and outfitting the options Humminbird had a specific intention in mind.  They put the features on that will give great pictures both dual beam and downimaging in water less than 300 feet.  By using the high frequencies the unit provides crisp clear images.  Without a doubt the unit does the one thing expected of it exceptionally well and that is Find the Fish!