Humminbird 571 Portable

Humminbird recently released the 571 HD DI portable fishfinder, to the 5 inch display market.  The idea of the unit is to provide everything you need to have a fishfinder on the go.  Included is a suction cup mount, which provides a great sonar image.  There is also a soft portable case, which is really nice for transport.  The Humminbird 571 HD also is an ice fisherman’s dream.

Screen and Display Quality

The screen is high resolution 640V x 320H pixel display.  The grayscale has 16 levels, which gives good images in any type of lighting.   In high light conditions like ice fishing with high sun and snow on the lake the case helps to keep glare down to a minimum.


The sonar on the 571 HD DI has two modes.  The first is Downimaging, which provides great sonar pictures that show great detail.  The Dualbeam Plus also gives good sonar pictures, but with the shorter frequency of 200 kHz and 455 kHz versus the 455 kHz and 800 kHz that is used for the downimaging isn’t as detailed.  You can operate these two modes simultaneously, which is really cool because you can see firsthand the improved picture from the downimaging to the dualbeam plus.  The sonar works in up to 600 ft of water, which is good enough for most fishermen.

For the Ice Fishermen

Humminbird made the 571 HD DI with ice fishermen in mind.  The bag works to keep the unit safe during transport, and has a bit of extra room for a few gadgets if you like.  The unit works great when connected to the small batteries icefishermen prefer.  Setting the unit up is easy, just clip the two connectors on the battery and power the unit on.  The transducer can stay connected in the bag, so you just drop it down and you have a sonar image ready to go!  Having a quick setup is key when trying to locate fish through the ice and drilling lots of test holes.  Another key is that when its cold out you don’t want to fiddle with the wires and take off the gloves, this unit delivers in that category.


The 571 HD DI Portable is really a great unit and lets you take a fishfinder with you both icefishing and boat fishing.  The down imaging and dual beam sonar give great pictures and the screen has great resolution.  If you are an ice fisherman the 571 is a great first unit.  If you buy one of these you will be nothing but impressed!