Humminbird 1198c

Humminbirds 1198c SI Combo is the top of the line fishfinder for Humminbird.  The screen is 10.4 inches in size, so that when in dual screen mode with both GPS and fishfinder the pictures are both detailed and large in size.  Additionally the side imaging sonar images are the best on the market.

Screen and Display Quality

The 10.4 inch screen has a very high resolution, which is 600 x 800 and is high def quality.  In addition to high definition the color is rich on the 1198c SI, 4:3 color TFT which make the on screen maps and sonar images pop.  Additionally the TFT color has setting for all light conditions and performs even at mid day sun with polarized glasses.

By combing high resolution with great color the sonar and GPS images are top of the line.  The display itself is made out of high quality materials and can be either flush mounted or comes with a mounting bracket.


The GPS on the Humminbird 1198c SI combo is an external unit.  There are some advantages and disadvantages to an external unit, most obviously mounting an external receiver.  In order to get the maximum out of the GPS there shouldn’t be any electric or antenna wiring near the GPS receiver, since that can interfere with the GPS signal.  When using a built in receiver, the signal could be dampened or blocked in addition to mounting underneath a windshield.  The map pack that comes with the unit is Humminbird Contour XD.  In addition to the built in Contour XD, Navionics and LakeMaster maps work with the unit.  The Platinum Navionics package has 3-D maps, allowing the captain to drive into port with all elevation both above and below the water on screen in a first person view.  The GPS is also able to use the I-pilot, which is an option Humminbird offers.  The I-pilot allows you to plot charts, and link the fishfinder to your trolling motor so that you can let the 1198c SI handle the driving while you worry about making the perfect cast.


The transducer that comes standard with the unit is 200 kHz and 83 kHz.  The standard transducer works up to 1,500 feet.  The optional 200 kHz and 50 kHz transducer is the deep water model and works up to 3,000 feet deep.  The side imaging on the 1198c SI is quite impressive the 10 inch screen delivers crisp clear images in depths up to 150 feet.  The two signals for the side imaging are 455 kHz and 800 kHz.  Just like the traditional transducer the lower the kHz the deeper the signal penetrates the water.  The swichfire feature allows for precise adjustment of sonar noise, letting you adjust the sonar picture for situations like high wave and current conditions.  The most impressive feature that is optional is the 360 degree imaging.  By lowering a transducer below the bottom of the boat and 360 degree sonar image can be seen.  The sonar is highlighted by the sideimaging sonar on the huge display.


The 1198c SI combo is the top of the line for Humminbird and is made to accept all the various options that are offered by Humminbird.  Between the screen size and quality, the GPS features and the sonar the 1198c is one of the best fishfinders on the market.  Whether the 1198c SI is an upgrade or your first fishfinder, you will not be disappointed with the fishfinders performance.