Humminbird 1158c DI

Humminbirds 1100 series features a 10.4 inch LED backlit color display, which shows high definition sonar and GPS/plotter  images.  The 1158c DI Combo features Humminbirds downimaging technology, which on a screen the size of the 1158c really shines.  Also featured are GPS functions, allowing you to use hook into Humminbird accessories via ethernet networking.  With all the features Humminbird has packed into the 1158c DI, its easy to see why the Humminbird 1158c DI is a favorite among fisherman.


The sonar Humminbird has paired with the huge screen is geared toward shallow or bay fishing.  The maximum depth of the Downimaging is 350 feet and 600 feet when using the DualBeam Plus.  The stats on the Down Imaging are 455 kHz and 800 kHz, the 800 kHz in particular gives a great underwater images.  I have included a video from Humminbird below, that does a great job explaining the Down Imaging.  The other sonar setting is the DualBeam Plus which uses two frequencies at 200 kHz and 455 kHz.  The higher frequency allows for sonar images with higher resolution and more detail.  The unit doesn’t have a deep water transducer, either a 83 kHz or 50 kHz so make sure that the water you are fishing will be 600 feet or less.  The addition of Switchfire to the DualBeam lets you really dial in the sonar picture.  There are multiple colors to chose from, in addition to refining the sonar noise so that you get the best possible picture.  I have included below an instructional video, which shows the Switchfire in action, I recommend checking it out if you haven’t seen Switchfire before.  There is also a DualBeam video, which highlights the features.

Display and Screen Quality

The main attraction to the 1158c DI Combo is the screen.  The 10.4 inch screen is impressive and delivers incredible sonar images.  The screen resolution is 600 vertical by 800 horizontal, which is high resolution.  The color is 4:3 TFT, which has alot of settings so that you can adjust the unit to any light condition.  The display can be mounted either via a gimbal mount or flush mounted.  Also included is a unit cover.  In terms of taking the unit on and off of the boat its pretty easy, just a couple screws and the units off.  Disconnecting unit from sonar, power and GPS antenna usually takes a bit more time than taking the unit off the mount.

GPS Plotter

The GPS antenna on the 1158c DI is external and is included with the unit.  As an option you can upgrade the antenna, but the unit provided by Humminbird does a great job as is.  There is also a built in map that comes with the 1158c DI that is made by Humminbird.  In addition to the built in maps the 1158c DI is compatible with LakeMaster, Navionics Platinum, Gold and HotMaps.  With the Navionics Platinum there is a 3D chart view, which allows you to view the map with 3D topography both below and above the water.  A great use of the charts is the optional i-Pilot link, which allows you to control your trolling motor from the 1158c DI.  You can select a desired depth you would like the unit to troll on, and the fishfinder and trolling motor will follow the contours.


Humminbird has put together a great set of features on the 1158c DI.  When fishing in water less than 600 feet the 1158c DI shines.  Between all the sonar features and the great user friendly GPS, the 1158c DI is the ultimate fishfinder upgrade.