Humminbird 1158c

Humminbirds 1158c Combo is equipped with dual beam sonar, which provides improved sonar images.  The unit also boasts a 10.4 inch screen, that has great resolution and provides top notch sonar images.  The dual beam sonar pictures provide top of the line high def images on the large display which is the reason why fisherman have chosen to upgrade to the 1158c.

Screen and Display Quality

The main attraction to the 1100 product line for Humminbird is the 10.4 inch displays that come on each unit.  The screen has a high resolution, and provides great sonar images and gives a huge map when using GPS.  The pixels on the unit are 600 vertical and 800 horizontal, which is high resolution providing great sonar images.  The color is TFT and has many adjustments, so finding the right one for the condition is easy.  The unit holds up to all types of lighting and is backlit so that the images do well at night time.  The controls on the display take some learning, so be sure to study the manual before the first time out which helps cut down the learning curve and gets the most out of your fishfinder.  The 1158c Combo uses a gimbal mount, and can be flush mounted which looks amazing.

GPS Plotter

The GPS uses an external antenna, which comes with the unit.  The antenna does a nice job, so don’t worry about an upgrade of antenna.  The cartography on the unit is a built in Humminbird map pack.  Map packs are available for upgrade, and are compatible with Navionics and LakeMaster.  The Navionics Platinum map pack has the 3d chart view, the model is really cool and gives a topographic map both above and below the waterline.  Other features are the compatible i-Pilot offered by Humminbird.  The i-Pilot hooks directly into the trolling motor and is controlled by the GPS plotter.  So when you set a course for the trolling motor or select a depth you would like to stay on the i-pilot steers and keeps the boat in place.  Which lets you concentrate on setting lines or casting while your electronics control the boat.


The sonar on the 1158c is meant for deep water.  The standard transducer which works with dual beam plus is 200kHz and 83 kHz signals.  If you are in depths greater than 1,500 feet then there is a deepwater transducer available with frequencies of 200 kHz and 50 kHz.  The DualBeam Plus is a good feature and provides upgraded sonar images that include both frequencies.  A great option is the Cannonlink, which lets the head unit control the downrigger depths on compatible Cannon Downriggers.  Below is a DualBeam Plus video, check it out so you get an idea of what the unit is capable of with the sonar.


The 1158c makes good use of the 10.4 inch screen.  The dual beam mode gives great sonar images.   The Switchfire feature further refines the dualbeam allowing for great adjustments and color options to give the best possible sonar pictures.  With such a large screen using the GPS is fun, especially in 3d chart mode!  If you chose to upgrade to the 1158c Combo you will join many other happy Humminbird owners.